Must Read: Listen Whatsapp Peace of Society is more important than whatsapp privacy

When the start of the Whatsapp, then no one would have thought that one day it can be used to execute events like Mob Lynching. The main reason for the mobs lining incidents in the last few months was rumors, which spread through the Whatsapp. Given this, the government also kept certain conditions in front of the Watersapp, but there was also a condition which was rejected by the Whatsapp. This condition is to track the message, so that if any rumor spread, it could be stopped from time to time. Otherwise, at least the culprit can be punished, but the WattsAP has refused to make any software to track the message.

Privacy will not survive
Whatsapp has argued that if such a software company creates, then what will be the benefit of encryption. Encryption was done so that message could read only the sender and the recipient. If a software company or company sees the messages of people, then privacy will not be left. But there is a need to stop here a little bit and think that we are dear to privacy or it is more important to tackle the day-to-day violence. Of course, most people want a peaceful environment in the country, but some people will also take the government on the issue of privacy issues.

These three conditions were kept in front of the Whatsapp
The Modi Government had placed in front of the CEO of Whatssapp,

1- It is important to monitor the message and prevent rumors before an accident. It is important to monitor the message. For this, the Whatsapp has to find a technical way.

2- There is a Grecian officer of the Whatsapp in India, who can make complaints related to the Whatsapp. Whatsapp is also ready for this.

3- Whtassapp was also conditioned to follow the rules of India, in front of the CEO of Wattsapp, Ravi Shankar Prasad, on which Whatsapp agreed.

4- Ravi Shankar Prasad said that though Whatsapp is a global entity, but it is also necessary to have a Corporate Entity in India so that the law can be implemented easily. On this proposal, Wattsapp also wants to put corporate entity in India

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